Human Resource Management

What's the most effective way to motivate people? How do you balance governmental regulations with corporate policies? If those questions interest you, this online program will give you the answers. You'll deal with issues ranging from operations management to labor relations while learning how to develop a safe and successful workplace. Once you earn your degree, you'll be ready to take on a variety of positions in the Human Resource (HR) field.

If you are interested in Management, we also offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) in ManagementBachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology (IT) Management, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management

Human Resource Management (Bachelor of Arts)

Human Resource professionals must respond to the challenges of federal, state, and local regulations. In addition, Human Resource professionals must be adept at dealing with behavioral dynamics in the workplace. Designed according to the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) Body of Knowledge recommendations for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, West's Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management can prepare HR professionals to deal with organizational issues, employment practices, compensation and benefits, labor relations, and health, safety, and security programs.

Degree Summary


189 weeks (approx. 3.6 years) Starting a new course each month, with no transfer credit


Bachelor Degree Total Credits: 120


Total: $30,000 Books and Supplies: $0

Program Learning Outcomes

1 Apply the principles of learning and cognition to human motivation.
2 Apply concepts of learning and memory to social and workplace situations to enhance employee motivation and achievement.
3 Effectively manage workplace operations of inventory management, project scheduling, quality assurance, and production.
4 Identify the linkages between human resource policies and procedures and the fulfillment of customer needs.
5 Design and implement a comprehensive corporate training and development plan consistent with corporate vision, structure, staffing, and employment practices.
6 Analyze corporate personnel practices and recommend appropriate enhancements to increase motivation and productivity.
7 Analyze health and safety issues in the workplace and develop a plan for assuring and maintaining a hazard-free work environment.
8 Employ effective management practices consistent with federal and state requirements for employee rights/protections, compensation, benefits, and labor relations.
9 Develop effective negotiations, mediation, and collective bargaining skills consistent with commonly accepted practices in employee relations and fair treatment.

Courses of Study and Requirements

Credits Required for Degree Completion 126 CREDITS


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