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Educational offerings that align with fast-growing fields.

Western International University® (West) provides an education relevant to the current global marketplace. Our goal is to help you gain knowledge and skills that can help you begin or enhance your career.
  • Trending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources helps us define important new areas of career opportunity.
  • We re-evaluate our programs regularly to be sure our offerings are aligned with the needs of the marketplace, today and in the near future.
  • We call on experienced industry professionals and key faculty members to strengthen our programs in light of job trends.
  • At West, even foundational courses help you build core skills that will prove useful, both at West and throughout your career.
  • The information you acquire in many of your classes will be applicable to the marketplace, or your current job.
On average, a high school graduate can expect to earn about $1.4 million over his or her work life; a bachelor degree holder, $2.4 million; and a master degree holder, $2.8 million.*
*U.S. Census Bureau (2012). American Community Survey Briefs: Work-Life Earnings by Field of Degree and Occupation for People with a Bachelor’s Degree: 2011. Retrieved from


Click on the specific program to review program descriptions and select the path that interests you.

You’ll find complete program information, including relevant career occupations, our on-time completion rates, and the median graduate debt incurred by students who completed their programs.

Remember, West programs are designed specifically for working adults, so the courses are manageable, no matter how demanding your schedule.



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