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Committed To Making Education Manageable


A college education should be available to every student willing to work toward his or her degree – regardless of time and financial resources. At Western International University® (West), we strive to provide a more affordable, more manageable way for all working adults to earn a quality university degree.

Bachelor Degree

Remaining 120 credits, $250/credit hour

total = 126 credits, $30,400

Master Degree

Remaining 33 credits, $350/credit hour

total = 39 credits, $11,950

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    It starts with transparency. After you complete your two introductory courses (three credits each) for $200 per course, the cost per undergraduate credit hour is $250 and graduate is $350/credit hour. That means your West degree is about half the cost of many other accredited universities. Our Tuition Comparison Guide compares the cost of a degree at West with some of the other institutions you may be considering.
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    The next step: Use our Degree Planning Calculator to estimate your potential existing transfer credits, number of remaining courses, and anticipated graduation date and tuition costs for your selected program. There are many ways to help reduce your overall costs (as well as accelerate your learning), and we want to be sure you take full advantage. To learn more about transferrable college credits, possible credits from Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for certifications or licenses, military training credits and more, visit Earned & Learned Credit.
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    Finally, use our Payment Calculator to estimate your monthly out-of-pocket tuition cost. This tool considers any employer or other contributions toward your degree, and estimates your out-of-pocket monthly tuition payment. You will receive information about official admission to West, transfer of college credit, and payment options for future course tuition while you are completing your introductory courses. Complete financial information and information about federal financial aid can be found in our Consumer Information Guide.
Take advantage of our Start Smart SM new student pricing now.

Sign up for your two introductory courses at a reduced cost, so you can see what West's courses are like. As you progress through your introductory courses, we'll help you apply for full admission*, evaluate your previous college credits for potential transfer, explore PLA for your non-college learning experiences, and select your financial options. This way, you'll find out if school is right for you—and vice versa—before you've fully committed. Plus, you'll have earned six credits** in the time it would ordinarily take just to apply to college!


*To qualify for full admission, you'll need to earn a 2.0 or better (undergraduate) or a 3.0 or better (graduate) in your introductory courses. View the University Catalog for complete admission requirements.
**Acceptance of credit by any institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. It is the student's responsibility to confirm whether or not credits accepted by or earned at Western International University will be accepted by another institution.