The West Formula: Learn, Practice, Apply

CUL 100 Sample Course Video

Want to know what it's like to attend online undergraduate courses at Western International University (West)? Check out this sample video from our bachelor degree introductory course, CUL 100 Culture and Globalization.

CUL 623 Sample Course Video

Wondering what it's like to attend online master degree courses at West? Check out this sample from our graduate introductory course, CUL 623 Global Communication for Professionals, to see what our course lecture videos are like.

Online Course Format

At West, each course lasts 8 weeks, and courses begin monthly. Courses are structured to follow a weekly path of Learn, Practice, Apply – a teaching methodology to help students better absorb and utilize new information.



A series of short videos and reading assignments are provided to you each week.

When you've finished, take a 5-10 question knowledge check to help process the content.

All course materials and electronic textbooks are linked from within your student website.

PDFs of readings, lecture slides, and lecture audio are available for download.



Interactive exercises help reinforce your new knowledge.

Instant feedback will be provided.

Take a weekly review quiz that summarizes the lessons.



Engage with instructors and fellow students online to put your learning into practical context.

Weekly assignments take multiple forms: quizzes, essays, or other activities.

Assignments are structured to help balance student workload over the 8-week term.