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We understand working adults so well, we built a university just for you.

For generations, education has overlooked students like you. It’s time school caught up with the needs and realities of the twenty-first century. At Western International University® (West), we’ve been teaching working adults — people with jobs, families, and other responsibilities — for 35 years. Over the years, we've evolved our model to keep pace with changing technology and student expectations, making it more manageable and affordable for today's student to get a traditional education.

A college degree can help propel your career and life. At West, you can earn a degree in one of these fast-growing fields: Accounting, Business, Information Technology, and Behavioral Science.* For information about our accreditation, click here. When you go West, you can be sure you’ve chosen a quality university with a notable reputation.

*For consumer information about our programs, please visit