Yes You Can! 7 Strategies to Empower, Evolve, and Transform Your Life

Yes You Can!

August 9, 2016   |     West Now Home

By Linda Garza Kalaf

The content herein is that of the author and does not reflect the position or opinion of Western International University (West). This article is shared with the West community through our collaboration with Prospanica (previously known as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs), Phoenix Chapter.

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Part 1

Introduction to Our 7-Part Series

As you prepare to launch forward to achieve your personal and professional success, this series has been created to help you connect the dots to a total transformation and to assist you in reaching your authentic and full potential. Based on my workbook entitled Yes, You Can! 7 Strategies to Empower, Evolve and Transform Your Life, each article will highlight one of the seven strategies. This workbook was created for two reasons: First, to memorialize my family’s story about growing up in a tortilla factory and learning strong values at an early age. Second, to share my life lessons learned along the way, and how living a life being true to my values has led to living a life of authenticity.

I am grateful for my friend Jan Whalen, whose workbook Character Safari inspired me to write my story. I am also grateful for Pilar Gerasimo, Founding Editor of Experience Life magazine, who continuously inspires me through her writings. In contemplating and writing my story, I discovered similarities that evolved from a wonderful experience at Life Time Fitness, a Whole-Life Coaching class created by Pilar which included activities on values, mission, goal setting and action plans. I have incorporated similar values and life wheel activities with permission by Pilar to help others with their personal journeys. For additional information and resources from Jan, visit and for Pilar, visit Thank you ladies, for inspiring me to be my best and helping me manifest my mission in helping others achieve their best.

Here’s a preview of each article:

#1 The Foundation: Be True To Your Values
This article includes the activities Values Exploration and Values Selectivity, which will help you identify your top values that will assist you in making all of your life decisions. You will learn how to build your foundation by being true to your values, no matter if you are making a personal or professional decision.

#2 Careers: Exploring Opportunities and Opening Doors with Optimism
Pursue your career with passion. This article includes several tools to create your Vision Statement and Vision Board. You will learn about exploring opportunities and opening doors with optimism. You will be asking yourself, “What is my life vision?”

#3 Community Engagement: Opening Doors to Improving Relationships 
This article includes an activity in which you will create Your Personal Board of Directors. The article explores the importance of both networking and building relationships--and offers ideas for networking opportunities and organizations to join. You will begin to identify your support team and potential ideas for community engagement. The people around you matter!

#4 Passion: Finding Your Authentic Self 
This article includes several activities, Life Balance and Life Wheel. Life is a balancing act; let’s find out where you may be out of balance.

#5 Transformation: The Evolution of Wellness and Wholeness Equals Lifestyle Changes 
This article includes the activities Be Your BEST Goal Setting Template and Action Plans. This transformation will help you connect the dots between mind, body and spirit and become your personal and physical best.

#6 Empowerment: Evolving Through Transition and Leaving Your Legacy
This article includes questions to ponder regarding “What is my legacy?” Learn how to empower yourself. You are 100% in control.

#7 Be Your Best: Whole Life Approach to Living and Loving Your Life
This article includes an activity, Create Your Pyramid to Wellness and Wholeness. Discover how to be your best!

This series of articles is about my journey, and what I’ve learned along the way that can help others find their own path to success. By the end, you will also be able to share your life journey and set your goals and action plans to become your BEST! The adventure of self-awareness will enlighten you and put you on a path of continuous life-long learning. Have fun and enjoy your journey; that is what makes you unique!

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Linda Garza Kalaf, MAOM, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR, is a Human Resources professional with over 30-years of experience in the airline and ground transportation industries and is a Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional and Global Professional in Human Resources. She has a steadfast belief in supporting the community and has served on local, state and national boards related to diversity & inclusion, education, leadership and mentoring, including the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) (now known as Prospanica). She was one of the NSHMBA Phoenix Chapter’s founding members and chapter president, and went on to serve as the national vice chair. She was inducted into the NSHMBA Executive Circle in 1998 for continuous service on the local and national levels. Her mission is to help others with their personal and professional development in order to reach their full potential.

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