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With a middle name like "International," you know a global focus is of high importance to West--and to all the rest of us global citizens as well! Visit the Globalization section of West Now  for engaging content about the world in which we live.

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West Now: Globalization--The World Around Us

West Sample Intro Course CUL 100

Want to know what it's like to attend online courses at Western International University (West)? Visit our course format page to view sample videos from our bachelor degree introductory course, CUL 100 Culture and Globalization and our master degree introductory course, CUL 623 Global Communication for Professionals. 


Global Ties Arizona recently hosted a group of international economic leaders from South and Latin America who met with business and economic leaders and legislators in Arizona to collaborate on international trade and finance issues facing the global economy.

Be A Home Diplomat

West Professor Michael Casper describes a very simple way for any of us to serve as citizen diplomats to build understanding between the United States and residents of other countries. Learn why it's important to develop better relationships with individuals across the globe, and how you can get involved.

West Grad Goes Global

A 2013 West graduate who earned her Master of Arts in Innovative Leadership, Adrienne shares her experiences as a lifelong learner, including how she is putting the global elements of her West degree to work on the next stage of her life adventure—destination: Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Global Isn't Foreign

Globalization has come to your workplace, neighborhood schools, the mall, what you drive, wear, and eat, and even the television programs you watch. But what does this mean for education and helping all of us become prepared for success in the 21st century workplace? West Professor Liz Matthiesen-Jones relates the 10 skills that research has shown that employers want and need today and for the future—regardless of the specific profession or industry.

Why Our Global Curriculum Matters

West integrates a global perspective throughout our degree programs and curriculum, so that no matter what topic you study, each course will help you develop a global leadership perspective.

Creating Your Personal Global Mindset

Lizabeth Matthiesen-Jones, Western International University® (West) Professor and Department Chair for Marketing, shares four simple strategies that have helped her "keep her own feet" during her years in global business.

Tracy Lorenz, President, Western International University

Thanks to technological advancements, changing demographics and the globalization of brands large and small, our exposure to the world’s different cultures and economies has expanded greatly.

Given this international exposure has impacted all levels of society, including professional opportunities and responsibilities, it is critical for colleges and universities to integrate a global perspective into their curriculum. When we think beyond our borders, we expand our outlook and enhance our perceptions of people, cultures and the world as a whole. Moreover, a global focus opens new vistas for individuals and businesses to experience success.