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Western International University® (West) seeks to provide value to all members of the community who want to get to know us better--regardless of whether or not you are interested in taking courses or pursuing a degree.

West presents engaging career webinars, networking sessions, and live events featuring guest speakers from the West community--faculty, students, alumni, and others. If you are unable to attend an event in person or online, choose a recorded session below and gain compelling insights on relevant topics such as leadership, personal, professional, and career development, and more.

Webinar and event content is shared with the West community through our collaboration with various individuals and organizations. The content herein is that of the authors/speakers/presenters, and does not reflect the position or opinion of Western International University (West).

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West Career Webinars: Invest In Yourself

Everyone is a Leader!

West graduate Dan Corcoran shares ways to make a positive impact not only at work, but in the lives of all those with whom we interact. Leadership is not something that is restricted by level to managers or above. Every day, we all have opportunities to lead ourselves and others to a better tomorrow. By purposefully applying proven leadership methodologies in our daily lives, we can better understand how every task is different and how methods to get work done change dynamically. Looking at the people, process and tools required, we can better determine our level of involvement, as well as how to coach, guide and counsel ourselves and those around us to be more effective and productive.

Being Safer in a Cyber World

The hackers are out there—what can you do to protect yourself? West alumnus and government Cyber Security Specialist Ashley Matteson discusses Internet safety and protecting your information, providing simple steps that you can take to protect your privacy. According to Ashley, "Education is the key to being safer in our cyber world."

West MBA Panel Discussion - MBA Industry Trends & Highlights

MBA professionals and local business community members discuss their experience as MBA students, what they learned, what they look for in hiring, and benefits of an MBA in various fields. Guest panelists include:

  • Julie Jakubek, The Julie Jakubek Agency, Allstate Insurance Company
  • Michael Gorbitz, President, Alberta Oats Milling, Ltd.
  • Debra J. Stevens, Director of Marketing and Communications, Phoenix Children's Hospital
  • Chris Filandro, CIO, Meritage Homes & West Faculty
  • Dan Ernest, Controller, Greater Phoenix Economic Council
  • Aram Chavez, Lecturer, Arizona State University College of Technology and Innovation
  • Panel Moderator: Dr. Lisa Klein Pearo, Business Program Chair, Western International University

West Career Webinar: Develop Your Elevator Pitch

Professional career coach Kathryn Scahill, NCC explains how to develop a personal elevator pitch for use when networking in both business and social situations.

Use of Social Media in Social/Behavioral Science

Dr. Jennifer Lee presents on the psychological effects of social media on relationship tie strength and personality differences.

Discovering & Communicating Your Personal Brand

Professional career coach Lindsey Fisher presents an informative webinar on personal branding, the foundation of career development. In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn what a personal brand is.
  • Identify the personal characteristics associated with your brand.
  • Develop your personal brand statement.
  • Learn how to incorporate your brand into your career marketing strategies.
  • Learn how to evaluate and enhance your online presence.
  • Identify branding resources in the West Career Guidance System.

West Career Webinar: Global Isn't Foreign

Globalization has come to your workplace, neighborhood schools, the mall, what you drive, wear, and eat, and even the TV programs you watch. But what does this mean for education and becoming prepared for success in the 21st century workplace? West Professor Liz Matthiesen-Jones presents the 10 skills that research has shown that employers want and need today and for the future—regardless of the specific profession or industry.

Being Frugal Isn't Cheap

CPA, financial expert, and author Clare Levison shares stories and strategies to challenge the way you think about money from her book, Frugal Isn't Cheap. Spend Less, Save More and Live Better.

How to Become a True Leader

West Professor Rob Wengrzyn presents an informal and intriguing discussion about what it takes to be a true leader and why good managers are not necessarily good at leading.

The Value of Listening: Using Social Media to Understand Your Customers and Competitors

Dr. Lisa Klein Pearo presents on the value of listening and using social media to understand your customers and competitors.

West Career Event: Entrepreneurial Tips and Traps

Dr. Lori Wieters presents Entrepreneurship: Is it for you? Dr. Wieters completed her master degree at Western International University and has extensive experience in employee and leadership development both in small and large organizations. She is also a university professor and executive coach.

West Career Webinar: Be A Home Diplomat

West Professor Michael Casper describes a very simple way for any of us to serve as citizen diplomats to build understanding between the United States and residents of other countries. Learn why it's important to develop better relationships with individuals across the globe, and how you can get involved.

5 Rules to Win Being YOU!

Sought-after speaker, trainer, author and media contributor Isha Cogborn gives practical advice about identifying your personal "unfair competitive advantage" and how to put it to work for you. Click here to download the presentation handout.

Career Pathways and Workforce

Join West professors for a panel discussion covering their personal career paths, industry trends, and how their fields of study can prepare students for a specific career track.

West Career Webinar: Gain Relevant Experience

Professional career coach Kathryn Scahill, NCC offers tips on gaining experience for your desired career when you don’t have the work experience needed.

Putting Your Career in Motion through Goals & Actions

Professional career coach Kathryn Scahill, NCC offers tips on setting goals and taking action to move your career toward your preferred occupation.

Aligning IT and Business

Dr. Jimmie Flores, West Program Chair of Informatics, presents on making bottom line sense through aligning IT with business.