West Presents a New Series Challenging Us to Think Differently About Time Management

168 Hours

December 30, 2016   |     West Now Home

On Thursday, November 17, West held a special networking event and presentation, 168 Hours: How Are You Investing Your Week?

The West community including students, alumni, faculty and staff gathered at the Microsoft Store located in Scottsdale Fashion Square for an informative and entertaining session on treating our time like an investment. It was an exceptional event that allowed students and alumni to interact with West President, Tracy Lorenz, and speaker Chris Hewitt, Vice President of Marketing.

"We wanted to share an approach to thinking about our time as a measured thoughtful investment…something that's often lost in the overwhelming demands of our lives." 


West aimed to present time management from a different perspective. There are many authorities on the subject with great insights on managing time… including some promises of revealing the "secrets" of time management. Beyond the tips, tricks and promises, there is only one basic truth: there is a definite and finite amount of time available to each of us.

In addition to our local attendees, numerous West students watched the event online. Several comments from the West community express their delight from the evening's activities.

"The speaker was excellent, he knew the topic and is very good with delivering the content. Great choice on location and the set-up was appropriate."

Time management is certainly not a new topic, but a common one that we all tackle head on each day. Your approach to time can be critical to your own success.  Whether it’s managing a project, training for a race, or studying for an exam, the time you spend directly shapes the person you become.

Time Management Series
Interested in learning more? West Now will begin to feature key moments and talking points in a series covering the thoughtful, practical time management concepts based on the practice and philosophy of investing your 168 hours per week. The first installment will be available soon right here on West Now.

For more pictures of this event, please visit: http://bit.ly/2fiRTud.

Chris Hewitt is a marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in traditional, digital and strategic marketing. Currently the Vice President of Marketing for Western International University, Chris advocates a more rigorous approach to marketing; blending advanced analytics and creativity to effectively and relevantly reach targeted audiences. An experienced business leader with broad experience, Chris has been fortunate to be given the opportunity to lead teams in diverse disciplines, throughout a number of industries and businesses (from Fortune 100 to startups). Chris is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing as well as a Masters of Business Administration. 

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