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West Now: Career & Business Development

Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia started working with computers in high school, teaching himself to program and create a simple game on a borrowed computer when the home computer field was just emerging. After attending college in Mexico City to complete his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, he worked in various roles at different companies, mostly within the financial Industry. A 2001 West graduate, Luis is now putting his software creation skills to work manufacturing robotic laser workstations.

Getting Started in Real Estate

West Professor Lisa Buccigrosse recently authored an article for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Phoenix Chapter, about getting started in real estate investing. 

Most people would like to make more money.  How would you like to do this dynamically while concurrently enjoying what you are doing? Think about real estate investing.  It may not be as risky as you think. And, the positive outcomes can outweigh the risks. The look and feel of this type of investing is much different from bank investing. You have a tangible product, which could, in turn, earn you many long-term benefits, but there is more effort and thought needed to have this type of investment be successful.

Everyone is a Leader!

West graduate Dan Corcoran shares ways to make a positive impact not only at work, but in the lives of all those with whom we interact. Leadership is not something that is restricted by level to managers or above. Every day, we all have opportunities to lead ourselves and others to a better tomorrow. By purposefully applying proven leadership methodologies in our daily lives, we can better understand how every task is different and how methods to get work done change dynamically. Looking at the people, process and tools required, we can better determine our level of involvement, as well as how to coach, guide and counsel ourselves and those around us to be more effective and productive.

Discovering & Communicating Your Personal Brand

Professional career coach Lindsey Fisher presents an informative webinar on personal branding, the foundation of career development. In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn what a personal brand is.
  • Identify the personal characteristics associated with your brand.
  • Develop your personal brand statement.
  • Learn how to incorporate your brand into your career marketing strategies.
  • Learn how to evaluate and enhance your online presence.
  • Identify branding resources in the West Career Guidance System.

168 Hours

We should treat our time like an investment and how we invest that time - family, life, work, etc. - is at the core of living the life we want and achieving the goals we've outlined. Join West's VP of Marketing, Chris Hewitt, in an informative and entertaining 5-part series examining our time.


Manpower introduces MyPath Program which includes no cost college degree courses from Western International University (West). This benefit empowers Manpower Associates to pursue their bachelor degrees without financial burden.


Western International University (West) and National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) have partnered to develop the Next Generation Leadership program to support leadership development within the wholesale distribution industry. Leveraging more than 70 years of combined experience in education and wholesale distribution, West and NAW have created Next Generation Leadership to address the most significant competency gaps among the industry’s rising leaders.

West Career Guidance System

Western International University (West) is committed to assisting our students and alumni in all aspects of their careers, and—just in time to help you plan those New Year’s Resolutions—we’re excited to introduce your ALL-NEW, one-stop, online West Career Guidance System! You can start working with the new system right now, by logging in to west.edu/alumni and clicking the Career Tools link or your my.west.edu student account and clicking the Resources tab, then the West Career Resources link.

Haley Foutch

You see it all the time in corporate America: the dreaded organizational change. Restructuring can mean great things for an organization; it can save money, increase efficiency, or better align the company with industry standards. For the employees who are being impacted, it can mean uncertainty, stress, and decreased morale. That said, organizational changes can also offer an opportunity for career growth. Professional career coach Haley Foutch offers tips for successfully navigating organizational change.

Career Corner: Salary Negotiation 101

You are faced with an epic moment when receiving a job offer. It is validation of your search efforts and dedication to your career plan. It feels great to finally get an offer and you are thrilled about the prospect of starting a new job. However, you are also faced with the next hurdle of carefully negotiating your compensation package to ensure the offer will meet your needs. Salary negotiations can be a challenge; professional career coach Kathryn Scahill, NCC, DCC offers this two-step process to set you up for a positive outcome that will allow you to celebrate your career success. Read on for her tips, and to find out which Milestones in the new West Career Guidance System can help. 

Adapting Your Role in Business

West Professor Elizabeth Groh recently authored an article for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Phoenix Chapter, about adapting roles as a business owner.

Life is marked by those moments of epiphany that change our course. Mine came at an altitude of about 3,000 feet in the back of a news helicopter.