Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Rights Under FERPA?

Click here for complete information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Where Do I Find Course eMaterials?

Click here for information about course eMaterials/textbooks.

How Do I Find My Course Schedule?

Class schedules are available by logging into your account.

How Do I Change My Name, Address, or Phone Number?

Click here for information.

I'm Unable To Attend my Course. What Should I Do?

Contact a student advisor at (602) 943-2311 or (866) 948-4636 and the instructor. Instructor contact information is found in your course syllabus, by logging in to your account.

How Do I Order A Transcript?

Click here for information on ordering an official transcript.

How Do I Get Official Verification of My Enrollment or Degree?

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