Online Library

The Western International University® (West) Online Library provides electronic access via the Internet to databases throughout the world. Special access rights have been obtained from many subscription database sources to ensure that West students and faculty have the most up-to-date information available to support their course assignment requirements. West alumni also retain access rights to the Online Library, although may not have full access to the complete collection.

The Online Library uses current information technology to provide relevant and timely information to students. An array of subscription databases is available to all students and faculty at any time and from virtually any location where an Internet connection is available. Full text articles, documents, reference sources, directories, financial data, and multimedia video and audio resources are available to support student research and learning. In addition to the database subscriptions, the Online Library maintains selected links to other useful websites, facilitates user education, offers document retrieval, and provides research guidance.

To access the Online Library, log in to your student account on and click on the Resources tab, then on the Online Library link under Learning Resources. Once you are in the Online Library, the Research Tutorial and Ask a Librarian links will assist with using the library features. Librarians will respond to requests within 48 hours.