Western International University® (West) offers an online University portal and virtual community through MyWest, found at To provide maximum access to the University, each student, professor, and staff member receives a MyWest website login account and private email address for University business.

Your MyWest account gives you instant online access to find answers to your questions and all the most current information, including:

  • Access to student and educational resources
  • University announcements
  • Entry to course website and course discussion boards
  • Personal demographic information on file with the University
  • Student financial account information
  • Current course grade(s) and the ability to print them
  • Course and grade history and overall grade point average
  • Degree Audit, which displays progress toward and remaining course credits needed for degree completion

Students are encouraged to use for routine inquiries and transactions, while also maintaining regular contact with their student advisor to assure progress toward degree completion.