Disability Services Application Process

How to Apply for Accommodations

All requests for accommodations follow a standard process managed through the Disability Services Office.

Required Forms and Steps

  1. Student Rights and Responsibilities

    Read, sign and return the Student Rights & Responsibilities form to the Disability Services Office to acknowledge a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities under the University’s accommodation process.

  2. Student Self-Disclosure

    Complete, sign and return the Student Self-Disclosure Statement disclosing a formal request for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  3. Student Release of Information

    The Student Release of Information form informs the Disability Services Office of the diagnosing professional who will be providing the medical documentation or filling out the Student Disability Information/Verification form. Please fill out this information, if necessary, and return with your completed paperwork.

  4. Student Disability Information/Verification

    The Student Disability Information/Verification form should be fully completed by your diagnosing professional (i.e., physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist). The diagnosing professional will need to complete the form in its entirety; otherwise, additional information may be needed.
    Note: A diagnosis, classroom limitations and specific recommendations for accommodations by a doctor or other legally acceptable health care professional as defined by the ADA are usually required. Please make sure to leave the doctor’s, psychiatrist’s, psychologist’s, or other appropriate health care professional’s office with paperwork, letters, forms, and testing information filled out correctly. It is your responsibility to ensure proper documentation.

  5. Return Completed Paperwork

    Return completed paperwork to the Disability Services Office as soon as possible.

  6. Application Review

    The Disability Services Office will review your application to verify your eligibility for disability services and determine whether the requested accommodations or any other accommodations might be reasonable.

  7. Student Accommodation Agreement

    Once reviewed, the disability services advisor will contact you to discuss any reasonable accommodations that might be available to you. After you and the disability services advisor reach an agreement regarding the accommodations to be provided, the Student Accommodation Agreement will be sent to you. Any agreed-upon accommodations will be documented in the Student Accommodation Agreement for you to sign and return to the disability services advisor.

  8. Making Accommodations

    Accommodations will be made available once the disability services advisor has received the signed Student Accommodation Agreement. Accommodations are not typically retroactive.

Requesting a Copy of Your Accommodation File

Once you apply for accommodations, your complete accommodations file will be housed in the Disability Services Office. Request to view the file can be made by completing the Student Release of the ADA File Information form.