Innovative Leadership

Do you want to learn the complex process of effective communication within an organization? Do you want to inspire and create organizational change? Do you want to understand your leadership style and how you can enhance and change it to lead an intergenerational workforce? The MA in Innovative Leadership program will help you attain these goals and move into leadership roles that utilize your innovative style. The very definition of a new degree for a new world, this program will prepare you to assess organizational culture, lead during times of change, and create business value.

Innovative Leadership (Master of Arts)

The Master of Arts (MA) in Innovative Leadership offers graduate students the opportunity to assess and develop their leadership skills for use in a changing, diverse workplace. The program emphasizes the impact of leadership and organizational climate and culture on organizational productivity. Students study stakeholder groups within organizational and societal cultures. Communication and leadership styles are analyzed and practiced as strategies for motivating, mentoring, and coaching organizational members. Coursework highlights skills related to team development and motivation within organizations and provides communication strategies associated with negotiation and conflict resolution. Students study the impact of global contexts and marketplaces with specific focus on transnational and cross-border organizations.

Degree Summary


58 weeks (approx. 1.2 years) Starting a new course each month, with no transfer credit


Master Degree Total Credits: 39


Total: $13,650 Books and Supplies: $0

Program Learning Outcomes

1 Evaluate the impact of leadership on organizational change in a fast-changing environment.
2 Apply and practice leadership skills that influence others to perform ethically at a high level through motivational strategies, mentoring, and coaching.
3 Apply various leadership styles to different business contexts and analyze the nature of power sources that affect leadership behavior in those contexts.
4 Synthesize the strategies needed to create an adaptable organization with an emphasis on transnational and cross-border collaboration.
5 Analyze challenges in leadership related to the global marketplace with a focus on technological innovations.
6 Evaluate leadership in relation to organizational climate and culture and its impact on organizational productivity.
7 Apply and practice leadership strategies related to negotiation and conflict resolution in culturally diverse contexts.

Courses of Study and Requirements

Credits Required for Degree Completion 126 CREDITS


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