(Bachelor of Science)

Would you like to learn more about the way information technology affects the business world? Or are you interested in studying new uses for IT in business as well as how people and technology interact with one another in order to solve specific business-related issues? Are you interested in programming and database management? The online Informatics program will further your understanding of the most relevant topics in this field while preparing you to compete in the business arena. (An on-campus option may also be available in Tempe, Arizona; contact a student advisor for details.)

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The Bachelor of Science in Informatics program provides a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue careers as information technology professionals or for those who desire a more concrete understanding of the integral ways in which technology impacts the business environment globally. Graduates are well prepared for entry-level positions in specialized areas such as systems analysts, business applications programming, business database design, decision support systems, and networking technologies. They are also well prepared to advance from those positions.

Degree Summary


48 months (approx. 4 years) Starting a new course each month, with no transfer credit


Bachelor Degree Total Credits: 126


Total: $31,500 Books and Supplies: $0

Program Learning Outcomes

1 Analyze the role of the IT professional in a changing business environment.
2 Identify information technology challenges faced by decision makers in an industry undergoing change.
3 Evaluate the role that information technology undertakes to compensate changes in global demand.
4 Assess the value of information technology when addressing global, national, and local industry needs.
5 Examine the impact of IT policies on an organization’s infrastructure.
6 Examine the financial impact of IT policies on the organization’s bottom line.
7 Illustrate the growing role IT professionals have on an organization’s decision structure.
8 Lead projects to implement IT tools and services that satisfy the needs of various organizational structures.
9 Conduct hands-on development and maintenance on computer programs using various programming languages.
10 Explain strategic IT initiatives used to obtain a competitive advantage in a global economy.
11 Organize data to enhance the retrieval and use of information when making organizational decisions.

Courses of Study and Requirements

Credits Required for Degree Completion 126 CREDITS
General Education Core Requirements 42 CREDITS
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