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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration


Do you want to know more about management, advertising, and finance? Are you interested in human resource issues? If so, an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will enhance your abilities and enable you to compete more effectively in the workplace. (An on-campus option may also be available; contact a student advisor for details.)

Many organizations are interested in employees who have general business-related skills. Broad-based business skills are obtained by taking courses in the Common Body of Knowledge area and at least one course in each of the other business-related major areas - Accounting, Business Communication, Criminal Behavior, Finance, Human Resource Management, Informatics, Legal Studies, Management, and Marketing.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a business plan for a new or existing venture that demonstrates entrepreneurial perspective.
  2. Identify steps to lead an organization and its members through a transition from present state to desired future state.
  3. Describe the interdependence of all organizational roles and processes.
  4. Apply a personal ethical theory to business principles.
  5. Analyze the skills needed in negotiating for resources, time, and organizational position power.
  6. Make sound business decisions from among competing choices based on the selection of an optimal solution.
  7. Demonstrate techniques for successful project management.


Required Coursework

  • IT 316 Analysis and Design of Information Systems
  • HRM 335 Human Resources Management
  • MGT 429 Digital Business Strategies and Applications
  • MGT 461 Project Management
  • MGT 463 Management of Small Business
  • MGT 466 Organizational Change*
  • MKT 434 Consumer Communications and Sales Management
Three Upper Division Elective Courses:
  • COM 423 Group Dynamics: Teambuilding, Negotiation, and Conflict Management
  • HRM 430 Employment Law
  • MGT445 Corporate Training and Development
Required Course:
  • CAP 485 Integrated Capstone*
*Indicates courses requiring a prerequisite.