(Bachelor of Science)

If you’re intrigued by accounting principles and topics like financial statements, foreign exchange rates, and capital structure, this online program is an excellent path for you. (An on-campus option may also be available in Tempe, Arizona; contact a student advisor for details.) You'll gain the knowledge you need to pursue a career in this field and move toward professional certification.

We also offer a Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Master of Science in Accounting.

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The Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a rewarding and challenging professional career in public, private, and non-profit accounting. The curriculum includes courses needed for professional certifications and to pursue graduate-level course work.

By exploring interrelated business topics, students develop the skills needed to overcome issues in today’s demanding workplace. Students apply accounting principles to business transactions in order to prepare and interpret financial information for decision making by internal and external stakeholders. To enhance students’ expertise, West offers courses in financial and managerial accounting, individual and business taxation, as well as internal and external auditing.

Each state sets forth standards required to be eligible to take the CPA exam and apply for licensure or certification as a CPA. The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification requires membership in the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) as well as education, work experience, and examination requirements. While programs at West are designed with consideration for the standards proposed by the National Association of State Boards of Accounting (NASBA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the IMA, West cannot assure that successful graduates will meet their states' or IMA's specific eligibility requirements to take the CPA or CMA exams or apply for licensure or certification as a CPA or CMA. Applicants should check with their appropriate state organization and/or the IMA to determine if the West program, combined with their undergraduate degree, work experience, and any other specific criteria, meets examination and licensing eligibility requirements for the CPA and/or CMA designations. State and/or IMA requirements may vary from the time of admission to program completion. There is no assurance at the time of program completion that the specific jurisdiction's requirements will be consistent with the requirements at the time of admission.

Degree Summary


48 months (approx. 4 years) Starting a new course each month, with no transfer credit


Bachelor Degree Total Credits: 126


Total: $31,500 Books and Supplies: $0

Program Learning Outcomes

1 Apply accounting concepts and principles to analyze and report business transactions.
2 Develop solutions to contemporary business issues using appropriate skills and techniques.
3 Interpret financial information using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
4 Utilize technology tools effectively in the changing business environment.
5 Communicate professionally in business situations to support strategic decision making by internal and external stakeholders.
6 Demonstrate how ethical decision-making processes impact stakeholders and results.

Courses of Study and Requirements

Credits Required for Degree Completion 126 CREDITS
General Education Core Requirements 42 CREDITS
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