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Western International University® (West) provides an education relevant to the current global marketplace. Our goal is to help you gain knowledge and skills that can help you begin or enhance your career.


At West, even foundational courses help you build core skills that will prove useful both at West and throughout your career.


What you learn in many of your classes may be applied to the marketplace, or your current job.


We call on experienced industry professionals and key faculty members to align our programs with career trends.


We regularly evaluate our programs to be sure our program offerings are aligned with the needs of the marketplace.

Accounting Degrees

The world of business continues to change and become more complicated with advances in technology, globalization and new regulations. Accountants help manage and keep pace with changing trends. Accountants help corporations and organizations interpret information, make investment decisions, and much, much more. Without accountants, it would be hard for businesses to survive. West has bachelor and master level programs in accounting that can help you gain the knowledge you need to pursue a career in this field, as well as prepare you to sit for professional certification exams. 

Behavioral Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science is designed to prepare students to describe, understand, and predict the behavior of living organisms. Behavioral science uses an integrative approach to the study of factors influencing behavior, including early childhood development and processes operating in older ages; sensory experience and complex cognition; normal development and pathological conditions; public health issues and organizational settings; and the interaction of genetics with social and cultural environments.

Business (AA)

Understanding business fundamentals provides the foundation for a career in any facet of business. The Associate of Arts in Business prepares students with more than a business foundation; our General Education and Common Body of Knowledge provide general knowledge in a broad range of college-level subject areas, including math, social sciences, and communications.

Business Administration

Succeeding in today’s business environment requires a solid knowledge of all functional business areas from a global perspective. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration provides students with solid foundations in major business areas and an understanding of how they are connected. Students gain insights into the implications of technological change and of the increasingly global marketplace of business management. 

West also offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in Accounting and Management.

Information Technology

Do you want to learn more about the ways Information Technology (IT) and systems are changing, find new uses for IT, understand how people and technology interact, or explore current programming and information security concepts?  West’s programs will introduce and further your understanding of relevant topics in the field, while preparing you to compete in the IT marketplace in the public, private, for-profit, or non-profit sectors.

We offer both a Master of Science (MS) in Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology (IT) Management.

Innovative Leadership & Human Dynamics

Are you interested in learning about the underlying human behaviors that create and determine an organization’s success? Would you like to inspire and lead change through a better understanding of your company culture and the people who contribute to that culture? If you are seeking insights into human behavior in order to proactively manage change, broaden your views and the views of others, and help you create the organizational culture, style, and structure that will lead to a positive and productive workplace, our Master of Arts programs in Human Dynamics and Innovative Leadership could be just what you are looking for.


A focused course of study in Management can provide a meaningful advantage in today’s competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Recruiting, motivating, rewarding, and developing the human assets of a business are critical functions in the increasingly global, service-driven, and fast-paced business environment. You will have an opportunity to explore and apply leading management theories to a wide range of critical business decisions—communications, technology, project management, corporate social responsibility, group and interpersonal processes, and entrepreneurship—and learn how the most effective leaders manage change both internally and externally in today’s global business environment.

We offer the following Management degrees:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management

Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the preferred professional degree for anyone whose ambition is a career in public or nonprofit management. The MPA program will equip you with the professional knowledge, values, and skill set required for a variety of innovative leadership and analytical positions within local, state, and federal agencies; private, nonprofit agencies and voluntary organizations; public affairs offices in private businesses; and legislative staff positions.

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