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Helping You Make a Great Benefit Even Better.

Employees take as many courses as they like in a year, and our tuition never exceeds $5,250!

Your Tuition Assistance benefit is a key strategy in attracting and retaining high performing, growth-oriented employees. Given the costs of education, we know that the maximum tax-free allowance of $5,250 per year** often does not cover the full cost of tuition. Consequently, your employees are frequently placed in a compromised position of assuming direct out-of-pocket costs or stretching out their studies for ‘next year’ benefits.

We built our EDGEucate program to specifically address this gap. Your employees can take as many courses—graduate or undergraduate—as they like in a year…without ever paying more than $5,250 per calendar year.

The EDGEucate program amplifies the tremendous benefit you are offering to your employees, enabling them to earn a high quality undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited university sooner, and with no out-of-pocket tuition, fees or textbook expense.

If you would like to learn more about offering West’s EDGEucate program to your employees, please email Kris.McCall@west.edu or call (602) 429-1088.

Students who would like more information about West can call (866) 447-0919 to speak to a student advisor.

The Simple Concept

Your employees would take courses at West’s low, no-fee tuition rates* until they exhaust their $5,250 per year (which typically covers 5 graduate courses or 7 undergraduate courses). After that, any additional tuition will be waived for the remainder of the year! West tuition is just $250/credit for undergraduate and $350/credit for graduate; often about half the cost of other accredited universities, and we do not charge for books or any additional fees. 

An Example:  A highly motivated student takes 13 graduate courses in a calendar year.

→The $5,250 tuition benefits would max out after 5 courses.
→The tuition for the final 8 courses would be waived.

This student could complete their master degree program in 12 months at a total cost of only $5,250!

About West

Western International University (West) is a university built for working adults with an innovative model that delivers quality undergraduate- and graduate-level education for about half the cost of many other accredited universities. A specialist in innovative education since 1978, West prepares working adult students for leadership positions in the dynamic, global marketplace.

*For more information about our programs, including on-time completion rates, the median debt incurred by students who completed their programs, and other important information, please visit west.edu/online-degree-programs

** Note: West cannot advise our students on tax law and we recommend that you consult with a tax professional on any tax-related questions.

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