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Volume 5  |  Issue 1

April 2015



The West Alumni Connection welcomes Hue Haslim, Senior Director of University Engagement, who will be adding Alumni & Career Resources to her community outreach responsibilities for Western International University (West).

Hue (pronounced “Way”) has been with West since 1989, when she started as a work-study student while earning her Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. She advanced within the organization over the years, and her role in creating awareness of West has led her to develop a network of colleagues throughout the educational and local community. She was recently named to the Phoenix Business Journal's distinguished list of 30 Outstanding Women in Business for 2015, and West is very proud for her to receive this honor.


Through Hue’s efforts, West provides event and other support to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Tempe Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Council for International Visitors (AZCIV), Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale (BGCS), Junior Achievement, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, and the Phoenix chapters of Dress for Success and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Hue also leads the event management of West’s annual commencement ceremony.

Adding Alumni & Career Resources to Hue’s responsibilities is a natural fit, allowing her to connect West’s staff, faculty, students, and alumni to new opportunities for involvement throughout the community. Hue looks forward to her expanded role and working more closely with West students and alumni. She can be reached at hue.haslim@west.edu or by phone, 602-429-1078.

Hue Haslim

“JA Day” Volunteer Event

Come spend the day with West inspiring and preparing elementary school students for success!

Each year, Western International University® (West) partners with Junior Achievement of Arizona (JA) to present the JA Day curriculum to students in grades 1-6 at a local elementary school. We invite West students, alumni, faculty and staff to participate as JA Day volunteers. JA provides a 2-hour training session that is required for new volunteers before participating in the classroom. At your training, you will be partnered with another volunteer to present the materials in the classroom on JA Day.

Select one of these training sessions at the West Tempe Campus:

Tuesday, April 7, 9–11am
Wednesday, April 22, 2–4pm

Trained JA Day volunteers will then spend a full day teaching in the classrooms on Thursday, April 30.

To RSVP, please email your selected training date to hue.haslim@west.edu or call 602-429-1078 for additional information.

We look forward to having you join us for training and on JA day!

JA Day Volunteer Event

Cyber Security Specialist
U.S. Government
Denver, CO

When Ashley Matteson was a music major at Southern Illinois University, he never imagined that he would end up working as a Cyber Security Specialist for the U.S. government and as a founding partner of an international business consulting firm. His career path has been a fascinating one and included U.S. Army service, ownership of a news subscription business, and graduating with two degrees from Western International University® (West).


Why did you decide to pursue your degrees?
I was working as a technical editor and writer for the U.S. military, and I knew that without a degree, I would have limited pay and advancement opportunities. After I got my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at West, I decided to get my Master of Business Administration in Management,* because I wanted to learn about accounting and how to be a successful entrepreneur. I also wanted the formal credentials.

Why did you choose West for your two degree programs?
West emphasizes individual learning, and this really appealed to me. West’s individual approach forced me to get to know myself and taught me how I learn. Understanding how I learn helped me become better in areas like math, which I always struggled with in high school.

What did you learn at West that has helped you in your career?
I travel extensively and have to meet with high-ranking military and government officials around the world. The presentation skills I learned at West have served me well in these situations. My entire West education has helped me gain skills and knowledge to move forward and that has opened many doors for me.

What do you like most about being a Cyber Security Specialist?
Cyber security is a very real problem, and it's only getting more challenging. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to work in cyber security, because I feel like I can make a real difference.

What is the other business you're involved in?
Outside of my work for the government, I am involved in business consulting through a company I co-founded named Elemental BPO. We offer a Snapshot Business Assessment to help businesses understand how they are doing in many areas, such as their web presence and security, employee management, marketing and their overall business plan. Our company is registered in Denver, Colorado, where I live, and the U.K., where I used to live.

What are your future plans?
I want to continue writing and speaking at conferences. I recently spoke on Cyber Security & Big Data at a Securboration Conference in Melbourne, Florida. I also wrote an article on cloud computing for the Encyclopedia of Information Science & Technology (Volume 3). My job with the government is getting more challenging every day, and I am also busy creating an independent branch of Elemental BPO focused on cyber-specific work including IT architecture. Additionally, I am one course short of becoming a certified IT expert. I'd like to teach one day as part of my goal to make a difference in the world. I particularly enjoy the online platform of teaching, because everyone can participate—no matter where they are.

*For more information about our programs, including important consumer disclosures, visit

Ashley Matteson

Being Safer in a Cyber World

The hackers are out there—what can you do to protect yourself? Cyber Security Specialist Ashley Matteson (see the Alumni Spotlight, above) will discuss Internet safety and protecting your information in this online event for students and alumni. Log on and listen as Ashley gives you simple steps that you can take to protect your privacy. According to Ashley, "Education is the key to being safer in our cyber world."

DATE Thursday, May 21, 2015
TIME 5:30 – 6:30pm MST
WHERE Online
  Webinar link will be provided upon registration.
PRESENTER  Ashley Matteson, Cyber Security Specialist, international business consultant, author and speaker

On May 21, Ashley will ask some intriguing questions and share his insights and experience with cyber security. He'll talk about the “Internet of Things”—like remotely controlled and monitored refrigerators—and explore whether it is worth giving up privacy to enjoy this new technology. He will also talk about cyber security as it relates to banking and medical transactions, and explain what you can do to protect your information. This is an event you won't want to miss.

Cyber security


You can always give money as a way of giving back, but there's nothing quite as satisfying as becoming someone's mentor. West has a volunteer mentor program that connects experienced West alumni with both fellow alumni and current West students. It's not a huge time commitment, but it is a huge help to the people you mentor, who can really benefit from your experience, expertise and advice.


West's mentor program is NOT:

  • Formal—As a volunteer mentor, you get to establish the terms. There are no formal guidelines or evaluations.
  • For established experts only—Even if you have just a few years of experience in a certain field, you can be a mentor.
  • Difficult to work into your schedule—You and the person you mentor can work out any schedule you want and decide how you want to interact (phone, face-to-face, email or webcam).

West's mentor program gives you an easy way to:

  • Build new relationships and mentoring skills
  • Share knowledge gained from experiences
  • Develop communication, coaching and leadership skills
  • Support growth through your motivation, wisdom and support
  • Participate in a meaningful volunteer opportunity
  • Gain personal satisfaction in knowing you are helping someone move toward their professional goals

Become a West mentor today! Send us an email to get started.


5 Ways to Win Being You!

She came, she spoke, she rocked our last career event! Isha Cogborn—a popular speaker, trainer, author and media contributor—helped kick off the new year with an inspiring and energetic presentation about putting your personal "unfair competitive advantage" to work for you. She explained how everyone has a unique T.A.P.E., which is a person's set of Talents, Abilities, Passions and Experience that no one else can offer. According to Isha, success comes more easily to those who understand their T.A.P.E., and she encouraged everyone to promote theirs proudly.

People attended Isha's event in person and online. One online attendee raved, "The speaker did a terrific job engaging the online audience!" You can see Isha's presentation slides or view a video of her event. It will be time well spent!

Isha Cogborn

Got a new address? Changed your name? Switched your email? Keep us informed, so we can keep your West alumni profile current and continue to stay in touch. To make updates, log on to the West Alumni Connection.

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Hue Haslim
Alumni/Career Resources &
University Engagement
602-429-1078 or hue.haslim@west.edu

Alumni Reenrollment
866-948-4636 or inquiries@west.edu

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