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Western International University® (West) provides continuing educational opportunities for ITT Technical Institute (ITT) students who are faced with transitioning to a new college or university to complete their educational programs. Read below for a brief overview of West, and feel free to visit our website or contact a student advisor who can provide personal assistance with your specific situation.

  • Before enrolling in a new education program, ITT students are encouraged to visit the federal student aid website, https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/itt to learn more about their options for existing student loans and credit transfers
  • Students using GI Bill education benefits should also visit www.benefits.va.gov/giBill/ and contact your state approving agency to learn more about your financial option and credit transfers.
Contact a West Student Advisor Today
We are here to assist you with your next steps
Email: inquiries@west.edu
Phone: 866-948-4636

New/transfer students can start their first course on the first Tuesday each month:        October 4      November 1      December 6      January 3


Since 1978, Western International University® (West) has focused on quality higher education for adults. For over 35 years, West has evolved rapidly in order to better fit the needs of our working adult student body. In 2013 we re-engineered our programs to align with fast-growing career fields, improved our online course delivery model, and reduced our tuition--making it more manageable and more affordable for busy professionals to achieve their educational goals and help advance their careers.


1) How do my credits transfer?
West's Student Advisors are available to assist you in estimating your total potential existing transfer credits, number of remaining courses, and anticipated graduation date and tuition cost for your selected program based on your unofficial transcripts from previous colleges.*

2) How much does it cost to transfer my credits?
This is a complimentary service, with no additional fees for transcript evaluation or award of transfer credit. West also offers complimentary Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), to determine whether learning achieved outside of the traditional classroom meets the requirements of academic equivalency for college-level credit toward academic programs.

3) How are classes structured at West?
West’s courses last 8 weeks and are structured to follow a weekly path of Learn, Practice, Apply – a teaching methodology to help students better absorb and utilize new information:

LEARN through faculty-led 10-minute video sessions & readings.
PRACTICE through quizzes & interactive exercises.
APPLY your learning through assignments and by engaging with instructors & classmates.

4) What degree programs do you offer?
West provides an education relevant to the current global marketplace, to help you gain knowledge and skills that can help you begin or enhance your career. You can earn a degree in one of these fast-growing fields: Accounting, Business, Information Technology, and Behavioral Science. For a list of programs and consumer information, please visit west.edu/online-degree-programs.

5) How does West’s tuition cost compare?
You can try your introductory course risk-free,** with no money up front. You’ll only be billed for the introductory course if you continue with West and begin your second course. West’s undergraduate tuition is $250/credit hour, and graduate tuition is $350/credit hour. Active military students pay $250/credit hour for both graduate and undergraduate tuition. This includes all eBooks and course materials, and there are no additional fees. That means you can earn a degree at West for about half the cost of many other universities. Our Tuition Comparison Guide compares the cost of a degree at West with some of the other institutions you may be considering.

Acceptance of credit by any institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits accepted by or earned at Western International University® (West) will be accepted by another institution. For additional information, refer to the Transfer Of Credit section of the University catalog.
* New students who have not attended a Western International University (West) course in the past 365 days, and West bachelor graduates enrolling for a new West master degree. Will be a required course as determined by your program of study. This introductory course constitutes a risk-free period at West. Students who decide not to continue with West have no financial obligation for the introductory course. Students who continue with West will be billed for the introductory course tuition upon attending the second course.

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